1933 Hubley, Harley Davidson Cop Cycle with Swivel Head

1933 Hubley, Harley Davidson Cop Cycle with Swivel Head

Large 7" cast iron Hubley, Harley Davidson motorcycle cop and an unusual model that I've never seen before. The only reference I could find for this cycle was in Scotty's Pictorial Motorcycle Guide, pg. 69. 

The hands for this toy were painted the same color red as the rest of the motorcycle. Only the face was highlighted in pink. This differs from most Hubley cop cycles where both the hands and face are painted. This is correct for this toy. The paint is all original. Nothing has been repainted. It's also unusual to find a swivel head model on a two wheel motorcycle. Hubley used them more often on three wheel trike carts.

Features Harley logo embossed gas tank, triple headlights, solid white rubber tires with nickel plated spoke hubs, separate rubber "training wheels" with wooden hubs, and movable head with pink face. It was also originally available with nickel plated tires and metal training wheels. A third model was produced with "Harley" embossed on the right side of the gas tank.

I'm certain that the small rubber training wheels for this toy were replaced. Although they're much less whiter than they look in the photo's they do look old. The only way I could tell was because they were more flexible. The axle is rusted and the wooden hubs look old, but I can't be sure they're original. The rest of the toy including the head are definitely all original.

Size: 7". 

Compare this example with one I found several years afterwards.

Sold: May 2005

Price Sold: $ 362


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