1960 Linemar, Friction Cadillac in Original Box

1960 Linemar, Friction Cadillac in Original Box

Here's one of those instances where although the toy is store stock, in near mint condition, and never played with it's the box that really makes it desirable! 

It's interesting that Linemar produced some high-end quality Japanese built tin cars, yet they also made inexpensive, more affordable models. I haven't seen this particular one before. It was store stock from a 5¢ and 10¢ store outside of Harrisburg, PA.

It has an embossed metallic mint green body with cream color roof. It has a one piece pressed chrome plated tin bumper assembly, both front and in the rear. The windshield frame (although somewhat oversized) and the hubcaps are chrome plated as well. It has a friction drive motor and solid rubber tires. There is no interior detail except for the embossed seat backs. Overall it does have similarities to the car printed on the box, but the box illustration looks much more realistic. 

The full color box features a panel wide illustration a two door Coupe de Ville. Fins, bullet tail lights, sloping roof and rounded rear windows, plus its awesome wrap around grille. The Cadillac name was printed in a similar style to the actual car, however on the side panels is a closer rendition of the Cadillac hood ornament.  

Size: 6½". 

Sold: May 2005

Price Sold: $ 91


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