1957 T.Cohn, Modern Kitchen In Factory Sealed Original Box

1957 T.Cohn, Modern Kitchen In Factory Sealed Original Box

Not only is this lithographed tinplate Modern Kitchen manufactured by T. Cohn Inc., still factory sealed in its original box, but the box itself grades in astounding Near Mint condition!

The front of the box was printed with a gorgeous pink and black on white background showing a near-full panel illustration of THE epitome of the every 1950 (future) housewife's dream; a complete modern kitchen with working drain and faucet. All of its features are advertised in a vertical column down the left side while the words "modern" and "kitchen" meet in the lower left edge corner. A fine pink shading along the border which also passes through the image of the kitchen are featured. The swatch of pink which runs through the kitchen on the cover has finely printed details of the modern housewife's implements such as pots and pans. You can just make these out in my photo.

The front apron panel was cleverly printed to resemble the front edge of the working faucet and drain. The side aprons have the toy name and catalog number. The back apron is blank. The bottom is also blank except for information regarding the cardboard manufacturer, Union information, catalog number and the all important "date".

All factory seals are still firmly in place. This includes 3 on the right side apron, 3 on the left side apron, and 2 on the front apron (shown below). One of the side staples is oversize and has slightly rounded edges.

Size: 24" x 11½" x 5". Weight: slightly over 5 pounds.

Date Sold: Nov. 2009

Price Sold: $ 204


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