1959 Tootsietoy, 10pc. Playtime Set #7000 in Original Box

1959 Tootsietoy, 10pc. Playtime Set #7000 in Original Box

Incredible 10 piece set of Tootsietoy 6 inch die cast vehicles. Every one in absolutely pristine, factory mint condition. Each grades the highest condition for its model that I've seen. Comes complete with beautiful full color original box and die cut insert. 
All have solid rubber tires with open chassis. The set includes:
  • 1947 Mack L-line stake truck with closed sides 
  • 1948 GMC 3751 Greyhound Bus
  • 1956 Packard Patrician 4dr Sedan (2 tone pale yellow/teal)
  • 1950 Jeep CJ3 Army (separately cast windshield and steering wheel)
  • 1952 Lincoln Capri 2-dr Hardtop (2 tone red/pale yellow)
  • 1954 Cadillac 62 4dr sedan (2 tone blue/sky blue)
  • 1951 Buick Le Sabre Experimental Roadster (separately cast windshield and steering wheel)
  • 1954 Buick Century Estate Wagon (2 tone teal/pale yellow)
  • 1956 F-94 Army Jet
  • 1956 F-94 Starfire Jet (2 tone red/silver).
Not one has ever been removed from the box. More importantly they've never been removed from the insert. Each vehicle rests in a die cut hole which is identical to its size and shape. Removing a vehicle, or lifting the insert will press the cardboard against the most raised or exposed surface of the toy like the bumpers or hub caps. This softens the edge of the cardboard leaving a shallow, but noticeable impression. In this case the edges are all square and firm indicating that the toys were left untouched inside the box. Only one corner adjacent to the Lincoln has a small surface tear. It's difficult to see and may have been made at the factory.
The spectacular full color box print shows a harbor cityscape (Manhattan) with bursting yellow and white sunrays. Overlaid silhouettes of two children at play contrast the bright background. Size: Each is approximately 6" long with the exception of the jeep and the two jets which are 4" long. 
Sold: Jun. 2005

Price Sold: $ 316


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