1951 Structo, #201 Dump Truck in Original Box

1951 Structo, #201 Dump Truck in Original Box

Outstanding pressed steel automatic dump truck in superb original box. Store stock in pristine mint condition only recently opened for the first time. Metallic blue-green cab and trailer body with bright red dump bed. A sparkling example of this popular truck with all original paint and parts.  

The truck features an "automatic" opening tailgate with push release catch (located in the center rear exterior of the cab). A flexible steel ribbon positioned underneath the trailer raises the dump bed and simultaneously opens the tailgate. 

Includes six solid rubber tires with chrome plated metal hubs. One single pair in front and rear tandem pair on the trailer. Headlamps made from pressed, polished zinc. Original Structo logo decal located on the front hood is 100% complete. The front hood raises by pressing the catch near the radiator ornament. This model did not include a plastic motor. 

The original box includes the name, catalog number, and a simple line drawing of the dump truck on both endflaps. The main box panels feature flat portrait illustrations on three main panels. One end is still factory sealed.

Size: 19½" x 6¾" x 6".

Sold: Jun. 2005

Price Sold: $ 365


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