1954 Wyandotte, Jiffy Painter's Truck in Original Box

1954 Wyandotte, Jiffy Painter's Truck in Original Box

Incredible lithographed pressed steel Jiffy Painter's Truck from Wyandotte. It's incredible because it was old store stock, never used. A very difficult toy to find complete it has all seven accessories and comes with its exceptionally scarce original fold-up "Model Home" box. It's one of the most challenging of the later Wyandotte trucks to find in complete condition. 

The truck has a white cab with embossed fenders and wheel wells and a separate grille/headlight assembly. "Quick Service" with the letter "Q" written in script appears across the front hood. The roof was lithoed blue and includes a paint brush and can with the logo "Painting Decorating". Both doors include an illustration of a house painter alongside the "Jiffy Painting Decorating" logo. It has a separate attached red trailer with rear step-down tailgate and solid rubber tires with old-time parallel treads. 

The accessories include four clear styrene plastic paint buckets with metal handles and it's original wooden handle brush. There are also two pressed steel interlocking ladders which hang on hooks on the sides of the trailer.

Lastly there's the super neat original box. It was designed to be folded into a ranch style home and then painted. The truck was produced for only one year so to find one complete with accessories and box is a "first" for me. One of the panels shows an insert of the truck alongside the accessories. All seven are shown so you know its complete. It did not originally come with paint.

Size: 10" x 3¾".

Sold: May 2005

Price Sold: $ 522


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