1952 Whitman, Flash Gordon Coloring Book

1952 Whitman, Flash Gordon Coloring Book

Cover Artist: Alden McWilliams (c.1916-1993) Illustrated interior and cover art from 1938-1950 primarily for western pulp magazines.  A science fiction cover was very unusual for him.

Complete and unused, approximately 100 pgs., "Flash Gordon Coloring Book" published by Whitman. No pages have been colored or marked up.

With full color cover illustration by A. McWilliams. Shows a rather strange image of Flash Gordon shaking his fist, while the surface of a moon burns up with a single rocket ship just above it. The size of the head and facial expression doesn't seem to be too realistic, but who cares! It looks weird, but it's still Flash Gordon.

The back cover has a three paragraph soliloquy about Man in Space. The number below the text L-1970 refers to a patent number, not a date.

Size: 8½" x 11" x ¾".

Price Sold: $ 10


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