c.1955 Chad Valley Gramophone Musical Box In Original Box

c.1955 Chad Valley Gramophone Musical Box In Original Box

Beautiful wooden (maple?) clockwork Gramophone Musical Box made by Chad Valley, Harbourne, England. Although the company is well known for their metal toys and biscuit tins this is the first Chad Valley post-war wooden toy I've found. Comes complete with original box.

Mechanism designed to look like a "modern" combination Hi-Fi and multi-band radio receiver complete with sound slits in front. Raising the brass hinged wooden lid shows a recessed, black and red painted record with metal tone arm on the left. A sticker on the right displays low, medium, and shortwave radio receiver with three bump-like controllers.

Features a large red and gold Chad Valley label on the inside cover complete with gold Gryphons flanking an English seal. "By Appointment Toymakers To H.M. The Queen." The lid itself is slightly askew (adjusted) to the left. Seems that the parts which made up the lid were not square when original glued at the factory. Nothing is broken or bent; it's just the way it was made.

Uses a wing-nut like metal crank on the back to wind the clockwork. Positioning the gramophone tone arm to the left activates the mechanism. Moving it back to the right turns it off. The melody is "There'll Always be in England". Plays great!! And the start stop tone arm also works well.

The box is thick pressed cardboard covered with textured red paper on the exterior. Melody name printed on the inside cover.

Size: 4" x 2½" x 3"

Date Sold: Apr. 2011

Price Sold: $ 63


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