1961 Ozwald, Paul Winchell’s Upside-Down Man in Original Box

1961 Ozwald, Paul Winchell’s Upside-Down Man in Original Box

Ozwald! There is no other toy like it. Berwin Industries produced this odd do-it-yourself ventriloquist toy concocted by Paul Winchell; creator of Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smith. Paul Winchell’s tv show was one of the most popular shows of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.  However, this toy was so strange that it really wasn’t a big seller…. which makes its difficult to find today.

The set is complete right down to Ozwald’s 4pg. tv script!

Despite being just very slightly used it grades in near mint condition. The all-important Ozwald body “mask” is in perfect condition.

The basic concept uses two mirrors positioned to present a perfect inverted image. Everything looks upside-down. Using the creative pencil, draw eyes and nose on your own chin. Your mouth becomes Ozwalds mouth. Place the mask over your face and tada……Ozwald appears.

The Ozwald character actually had his own segment on the show (see photo below). Paul would lay down with his head leaning over the stage. His body would be draped in black to make it inconspicuous. Of course he used a cloth Ozwald body, but the idea was the same.

The toy includes both Creative Pencils with caps, both mirrors in original cardboard holder, Ozwald body mask, script, and instructions.

The box graphics are just as wild as the toy because it shows exactly what the toy does (which is pretty wild). A black and white photo of Paul’s head and his dummy buddies were printed in the upper left corner. Simplified directions were printed on the box aprons. The insert for this toy is also important; underneath the Ozwald body mask is a nearly full size photo of Paul Winchell’s face; upside-down. It’s die cut to hold the mask. And the right insert is raised up to protect the mirrors and hold them in place.

Size: Box 17” x 13½” x 3½”. 

Sold: Jul. 2012

Price Sold: $ 250


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