1951 Banner American Toy Express Truck In Original Box

1951 Banner American Toy Express Truck In Original Box

Fabulous pressed steel and lithographed tin American Toy Express Truck manufactured by Banner Plastics Corp., Patterson, NJ. complete with original box. Unused and unplayed; I purchased it from the grandson of the original toy store owner in New York City. It was only recently removed from the original box.

The enclosed bed style truck was enameled/lithoed deep forest green color which is really neat. The sides of the trailer feature a graduated color Banner advertisement of 5 of their early pre-plastic steel and tin litho toys. An American Express diamond logo flanks the ad on both sides. Of course, American Express now has a different connotation. It has a pair of swing out barn-style doors in the rear which are securely closed with a movable steel latch to keep them shut. The rear compartment's roof was lithoed a greenish-gray color. The wheels are black tin litho pressed disks. Up front it also has a single piece radiator and grille assembly made from polished tin.

The illustrated, single color box shows a full panel drawing of a boy and girl playing with the Express Truck. This is repeated on the opposite side . The other two box panels show the truck from a side view. The Banner name and logo were printed on every panel along with the No.782 catalog number. One box is "sealed" with locking tabs. It's original ".99" price sticker is still attached. The opposite endflaps had a hinged door. Although most of the single exterior flap was torn off it still has both original interior flaps. A blank cardboard section was added to strengthen and prevent damage. It can be easily removed if you choose. Also, I sold a similar truck from the same source several weeks ago. That was No.781 and from my experience is more commonly seen as compared with this 782. However, when they're still in this condition nothing is common or easy to find.

Date Sold: Dec. 2009

Price Sold: $ 659


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