1952 Marx, Mechanical Toy Phonograph in Original Box

1952 Marx, Mechanical Toy Phonograph in Original Box

Very neat mechanical wind-up phonograph by Marx complete with eight original Christmas records and Marx key. Works great and comes in original box. 

Phonograph housing is all embossed red plastic. The reproducer has a metal needle holder with brass knurled ring to tighten the needle in place. The reproducer itself is a separate piece which locks into the tone arm. It comes with one needle. (I replaced the needle with an original old needle that was unused). The turntable is pressed steel with flocked material adhered to it to cushion the record. The internal motor is the heaviest component made of cast metal. It comes with it's original Marx key which fits through one of the holes of the turntable lined up with the key holder. The on/off switch located in front also adjusts the rotation speed.

The eight records are all pressed green and have Christmas themes. They're all double sided (16 songs in all) and each side has it's original label. 

The original text box is compartmentalized with it original inserts. The lid lifts off separately The entire toy comes in three pieces (reproducer, tone arm, body) so everything can fit into the small box (but I won't pack it this way).

Size: 8½" long, 4" tall assembled. Tone arm with reproducer length: 6". Weight approx. 2 pounds.

Sold: Jan. 2006

Price Sold: $ 343


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