1967 Muscle Car Review Magazine

1967 Muscle Car Review Magazine

Unread and in perfect mint condition. I was the original buyer. I stuck it away and recently found it in the attic. Pages have never been opened (which is why there's no photos of the interior pages). Spine is perfect without any wear, creasing, cracks, scratches, scrapes, folds or anything else. Colors are awesome because it was sandwiched between two hard cover books and never exposed to light. Edges, front and back, are sharp without any chipping or tears. There's some discoloration looking stuff on the top edge of the back cover, but this was printed into the page. It's not smudged. I don't know who published it because I didn't want to open the cover. Except for just the slightest hint of aging and darkening of the staples you'd never know it was 45 years old.

Sold: Nov. 2012

Price Sold: $ 5


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