c.1909 Louis Mougin, Clockwork Fantasy Flying Machine

c.1909 Louis Mougin, Clockwork Fantasy Flying Machine

Highly unusual hand painted tin clockwork Fantasy Flying Machine. Possibly attributable to Louis Mougin (Paris). 

The toy was built and designed (most likely) in France. It's definitely not German. Reason: Early aeronautical vehicles engineered like this toy would realistically never get of the ground. Instead, a German toy manufacturer would opt to produce a more realistic toy based on an actual flying vehicle. It would have a more authentic appearance. 

David Pressland included this hypothesis in his Great Book of Tin Toys.

This toy consists of two curved or bent tin plates (wings) soldered together using three upright support rods. Mounted to the rods are three brass propellers (one forward and two in the rear). 

A very dashing looking Flying Machine Pilot sits behind the "controls". The motor beneath him winds up using its attached cast metal key. The spring appears to have a copper finish. Four simple gears rotate the large lollipop pressed cardboard propellers in the back. 

This type of toy would have been played by tying or hanging it onto a string. In addition to its horizontal movement a simple in-line pulley may have been added to permit vertical motion as well. And yes, it does work beautifully! The rear lollipop propellers and all three brass blades all rotate simultaneously. When attached to a string it'll move forward. Depending on the length of string it'll move forward, or in circles. 

Size: 5½" long including rear lollipop propeller. 

Sold: Nov. 2012

Price Sold: $ 524


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