1926 Girard Mechanical Chrysler Speedster In Original Box

1926 Girard Mechanical Chrysler Speedster In Original Box

Early spring powered mechanical Chrysler Coupe Speedster manufactured by The Girard Model Works, Inc. Made from thick gauge tinplate which was lithographed on one side and polished to a silvery shine on the other. Toy is in excellent+ condition and works great! Best of all it comes complete with its original box.

Neat little vehicle brightly colored with navy blue body, red wheels including spare, red running boards, yellow roof with visor, yellow hood divider, and an embossed yellow driver. The complete underside of the body, plus the front bumper and radiator are polished tin. The bumper also features the Chrysler name in large, capitalized embossed lettering.

Three gears and a simple spring wound motor with attached key provides power to the rear wheels. In addition, the front axle can be positioned into one of two notches located on either side of the car. This permits it to travel straight, right, or left depending on where the axle is set. It still has its original metal clip attached to the back side of the radiator to hold the axle in place.

The original box features an awesome art deco illustration printed in orange and black. It shows the coupe and its driver speeding across the top of the Earth. Just the words "Chrysler Speedster" fill two other panels from end to end. The fourth main panel is blank. The endflaps include the toy name and catalog number.

Size: 8½"

Date Sold: Oct. 2009

Price Sold: $ 356


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