c.1935 Kilgore, Cast Iron "Minute Man" Repeating Cap Rifle in Original Box

c.1935 Kilgore, Cast Iron

Magnificent 20" long nickel plated cast iron repeating cap rifle (Schleyer #R-33) with red painted wooden stock. Heavy rifle weighing nearly 1½ pounds comes complete with its original illustrated box. One of the earliest repeating cap rifles capable of holding a 50 cap roll. 

Beautifully designed cast iron piece embossed with dummy screws and latches, as well as a cross hatched grips with the "Minute Man" logo. The circle-K Kilgore logo also appears on both sides. The cast iron frame and cap chamber are all nickel plated. At first I thought it may have been repainted because of its two tone silver appearance, but this is also exactly how it appears in Jim Schleyer's, Western Toy Guns reference book.

After careful inspection it's definitely all plated. Possibly the chamber cover was polished and the frame left unpolished. In addition, the barrel screw and stock rivet holding the frame halves together are untouched and original. 

The edges of the wooden stock are beveled smooth all around on both sides. It's still strongly held in place with the frame rivet with just the slightest amount of "give" in either direction. 

The awesome box shows a detailed print of the rifle alongside several standing and shooting Minute Man militia. The side panels advertise its 50 shot capability. 

Size: 20" long. 

Sold: Nov. 2005

Price Sold: $ 566


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