1910 Issmayer, Eight Man Racing Scull with Coxswain

1910 Issmayer, Eight Man Racing Scull with Coxswain

Extraordinary lithographed tinplate Eight Man Racing Scull with Coxwain most likely manufactured by Johann Issmayer (see David Pressland, Great Book of Tin Toys, pg. 277). Several collectors suggested that Carette may have been the maker. I translated an obscure German reference (see below) which indicated that as an early "mass produced" toy it wasn't made by a company like Bing or Marklin. The photo also shows the original box. 

Measuring more than 14" long the eight synchronized rowers pull their oars backwards and push them forward simultaneously. The coxswain moves in the direction opposite to the rowers. Pretty amazing considering it was built over 100 years ago! 

Power is generated by a clockwork driven motor housed underneath the hull, which rotates six saw-tooth gears. This moves it in one direction over a smooth floor. A start/stop lever located in front of the coxswain locks the gears in place while winding. 

The figures are dressed in matching blue and white striped team uniforms. Each man clutches a single yellow oar, while the coxswain holds his megaphone. The boat or scull was lithographed with faux wood grain. Each side is embossed with three deep horizontal lines. Like the actual racing vessel it's streamlined on both ends.

Most important of all it works great! The figures move in precise repetition although it won't go very far. It depends on the floor surface and the number of winds used. I wound it only a few times to make sure the motor worked well. 

The toy is all original except for one replaced oar. Using old metal stock Joe Freeman produced such a fine replication that it's difficult to tell which one is new. 

Size: 14¼". 

Sold: Dec. 2012

Price Sold: $ 4205


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