1956 Sankei Nash Ambassador Musical Car in Original Box

1956 Sankei Nash Ambassador Musical Car in Original Box

Terrific Nash Ambassador four door sedan with battery operated headlights, motor, and music box! Beautiful two tone tin plate auto with rear trunk mounted spare tire manufactured in Japan by Sankei. Comes complete with original box. Best of all everything works including the "music box". 

Features gorgeous two tone red body with white roof and, of course, the rear trunk mounted spare whitewall tire. Spare matches the four solid rubber whitewalls. Polished tin components include windshield frames, bumpers, wheel covers, side molding, grille, and hood ornament. 

Battery operation uses two "C" batteries with on/off switch on the left side (just in front of the left rear wheel). When switched on the rear tires move the vehicle forward and both head lamps illuminate. 

The "music box" is hidden inside the car underneath the rear trunk. It consists of a small rotating die cast drum with little raised dots. As the drum turns it produces a repeating "plinking" sound without any real tune to it (twinkle little star is the closest I can make out). 

The section below the rear window was marked with the Sankei "K" trademark (full name Sankei Gangu Kogyo) and the U.S. importation firm "G.B.C." (Greenman Brothers Co.) in New York.

The box includes a full color, full panel illustration of the Musical Nash Ambassador. Venice and a mountainous countryside are shown as the Musical Nash meanders across them. The box bottom is also stamped with G.B.C "we have others".

Size: 8". 

Sold: Dec. 2012

Price Sold: $ 385


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