c.1960 Joustra, Battery Operated Peugeot 404 Taxi Sedan in Original Box

c.1960 Joustra, Battery Operated Peugeot 404 Taxi Sedan in Original Box

The French-made Peugeot 404 was handsome, fashionable, and trendy. For 1960 it was your basic rock-solid family vehicle. This is the 404 in Taxi form produced by Joustra. I've never seen it before and could find only a limited reference to a driver-less variation.And best of all it comes complete with its original box.

Weighing nearly 1½ pounds it's solid just like the actual car. It's all tin litho, battery operated, and has its original composition driver. It features an unusual flag mechanism on the left edge of the front hood which simulates the operation of a real taxi. When the flag is in the "up" position the vehicle doesn't move, however the taxi roof sign lights up. This tells pedestrians that the car is available for passengers. Move the flag to the down position and the roof light shuts off, the motor engages, and it starts moving forward. In other words its unavailable. This is neat because it's how a real taxi operates.

The robin's-egg colored body is trimmed in chrome, with a wide grille, plastic amber headlights, and colored celluloid tail lights. The Peugeot appears in raised chrome letters on the rear trunk, while 404 is on the center front hood. It has a plaid interior with tin litho forward and rear bench seat. The drivers appears to be painted composition and the steering wheel is plastic.  The taxi roof sign is also plastic.  It has a solid black metal plate chassis stamped "Made in France" and a forward lever that can manually position the front tires. Tires are solid black rubber with plated hubs and it has both of its original celluloid windshields. It uses a European style battery. A brand new battery, used only once to light the headlights, is included.

The box was color illustrated with a red taxi parked at curb side. The formal name is Taxi Peugeot 404 électrique. The Joustra logo and schematic directions printed in English, French, and German. It's complete with all eight original endflaps.

This is not an easy car to find. I purchased it from a collector in Australia and had it shipped to the States. The "Big Book of Tin Toy Cars" lists it with a luggage rack and no driver making this a previously unknown version.

Size: 11¾". 

Sold: Apr. 2013

Price Sold: $ 1285


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