1913 McLoughlin, The Game of Boy Scouts in Original Box

1913 McLoughlin, The Game of Boy Scouts in Original Box

Incredible complete virtually unplayed condition! Superb chromolithograph board game called the "The Game of Boy Scouts". Manufactured not by Milton Bradley, nor Parker Brothers, but from McLoughlin. I could find no reference to it except a misidentification of only the board manufactured by Spears, which is incorrect. However, without the box it would be impossible to absolutely identify.

Purchased from a collection outside of Boston it consists of a beautifully illustrated and colored 18½" x 18½" game board. The gauze cloth seam connecting both board halves is complete without any wear, tears, or dislocation. This, in itself, is rare for any pre-WWI game, much less one having to do with early scouting. It's complete with all four colored wooden pieces and two cardboard spinners with metal arrows. The original instructions were printed on the underside of the cover so they are not missing.

The board contains 100, 1-3/8" colored circles, most showing boys working their way up from Tenderfoot through the stages of Scouting. The term "Eagle Scout" badge was in existence for only one year before this game was issued which is probably why it's not listed. 57 Merit Badges were available to choose from. These are listed in the text-circles. Each corner provides a detailed illustration of some facet of scouting. The exterior of the board is pressed with scrollwork in all eight corners. Most of the original white filler paint inside the Boy Scout logo (on the board exterior) is still in place. The board is flat without any warping which I don't think I've seen before for a board of this vintage.

The 20" x 10" box itself is wooden and lined with a textured leather-like material. It has it's original black pull tab which lifts the board up without having to slide your fingers underneath. It even has its complete original cardboard insert.

The box cover has the same material used to line the box bottom. The name "Game of Boy Scouts" was pressed into it and painted in white highlights. The McLoughlin name and copyright date are printed just below the instructions.

Sold: Apr. 20133

Price Sold: $ 357


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