c.1915 McLoughlin, Boy Scouts Company B in Original Box

c.1915 McLoughlin, Boy Scouts Company B in Original Box

Superb set of 44 die cut chromolithograph printed Boy Scouts in uniform; never played with, no wear, no dings, no dents. Essentially it's "mint in box, however while at auction the head of one figure was torn off. I've had it professionally reconnected and it's nearly impossible to tell which one it is. This is a minor issue in comparison to the overall extraordinary quality of a near 100 year old toy. You could try to replace it, but it'd be difficult to match the pristine condition.

Each 5½" figure printed, is die cut and spray coated with varnish (this is what they did back then, not now). Each is attached to its original 1½" long wooden block at the base using two nails. Not a single one has a crease, fold, or spot of wear. The colors are fabulous; bright, deep, and rich without fading. The bases are all firmly attached.

Most carry rifles. In addition there are 3 drummers, 2 fifers, and one bugler.

The tent has never been completely unfolded and set up. It has its original canvas flag in place and is marked Boy Scouts Company A. It's in mint condition without any wear, tears, or signs of use.

They set of Scout soldier come in their original wooden tiered box. Each of four tiers is slotted to perfectly fit 11 wooden bases horizontally. The box is wooden and lined with maroon colored textured material. That material on the bottom section is intact although some cracking along the base edge has occurred over time. Fortunately nothing is loose and its still solid.

The 22" x 11" box cover is covered with the same maroon material. Originally there were four variations of this cover (with and without the scout, scout in lower right or upper left corners). 

Sold: Feb. 2013

Price Sold: $ 351


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