1949 Chad Valley, "Low Loader" Clockwork Truck in Original Box

1949 Chad Valley,

Although Chad Valley (U.K.) is well known for their superb quality tin toys, I was unaware that they also produced beautiful die cast toys as well. This truck known as a "Low Loader" was included as part of their "WEE-KIN" clockwork series of die cast toys; none of which I've ever seen before. It was purchased from a recently sold hoard of unused toys and is in absolutely pristine condition without a single blemish anywhere on the toy.

It comes complete with its original 3 wooden block load, its original die cast Chad Valley key, plus its original box!

As you can see it's a solidly built, high quality toy. The cab, body, and trailer were painted forest green. It was detailed with silver highlights including the head lamps, brake lights, grille, and CV1949 front and  rear license plates. The flatbed is solid red. The underside chassis is unfinished metal with raised muffler details.

In addition the tires are solid black rubber with unfinished die cast metal centers. The three wooden blocks retain their original red stamped details which include "New York", "Cape Town", and "Sydney" as well as "C.V.".

It has its original die cast "lollipop" Chad Valley key which is a rarity all by itself. It's only the 2nd or 3rd I've seen.

The small red, white, and blue box features an accurate illustration of the truck on two of the main panels. A third panel includes the manufacturer's name, official seal, and its designation as a "WEE-KIN" toy. The last panel includes the names of all 12 vehicles from the series. It's complete with all 6 original endflaps.

Size: 4½". 

Sold: Jul. 2013

Price Sold: $ 198


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