c.1925 Wizard Radio Microphone In Original Box

c.1925 Wizard Radio Microphone In Original Box

Made of Beautiful Moulded PERMO!!

The Wizard Radio Microphone manufactured by Newman-Stern Co., Cleveland, OH was actually a separate microphone that attached to the "detector tube" on your radio. And not to worry, it's "Free of Shocks". Once connected it allowed the user to broadcast their own voice through their radio. For those that follow Jean Shepherd, as I do, one of his 1960's WOR programs involved the "old man" hooking up the Wizard and getting the shock of his life.

The neat thing about it is that it was never used. The cloth covered wiring is still factory coiled. The microphone is a phenol based hard plastic with a copper finished screen on one side and an on/off push button on the other.

Also included is a separate envelope containing rubber insulators. It's never been opened!

And then there's an extremely complicated instruction sheet. I read through the whole thing. Although it's not difficult the chances of making a "small mistake" are great. The sheet itself features a wide panel comic illustration showing the Wizard Radio Microphone in action. It was drawn by golden age comic artist Mel Graff who went on to draw Agent X-9 for daily strips and Big Little Books.

All of this "stuff" comes packed in its original illustrated box. Just looking at the style of text and print on the box "exudes" the 1920's and it too is in mint condition!

Size: Microphone 4" tall.

Date Sold: Mar. 2011

Price Sold: $ 207


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