1952 Masudaya, Space Ship X5 in Original Box

1952 Masudaya, Space Ship X5 in Original Box

Awesome example of one of the largest 1950's era space ship rockets produced by Masudaya, Japan. Beautifully lithographed it typifies the vision of early mid-20th century space travel. Best of all it comes complete with its original box!

Space Ship X5 exemplifies the classic streamlined torpedo shape so often shown in early space films like Destination Moon (1950) and When Worlds Collide (1951). The three tail fins extend 2½" beyond the tail section which enable it to easily stand upright.

Made of all tinplate it's lithographed with bold swirled colors (blue, red, and yellow) and basic  windows, hatchway, and rivets. The manufacturer's trademark was also included. The ship is friction powered running on three wheels (one metal and two rubber rimmed). Sparks would be seen through the two transparent red celluloid exhaust ports (both original). However it does need a new flint to spark (which I'll also include). The flint holder is still in place. It also generates a mechanical grinding noise as it moves.

Like the toy, the box was printed with a simplified illustration of X5 taking off with white exhaust plume. The toy name appears on every cover panel. The manufacturer's mark was also included.

Size: 12" (30cm).

Sold: Jul. 2014

Price Sold: $ 1700


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