c.1952 Tom Corbett Space Cadet Inter-Planet Squadron Jacket in Original Box

c.1952 Tom Corbett Space Cadet Inter-Planet Squadron Jacket in Original Box

Merchandising for the Tom Corbett Space Cadet television show included a huge amount of stuff like toys, food, premiums, clothing, etc. However, until now, I've never seen this particular item before. This is the "Tom Corbett Space Cadet Inter-Planet Squadron Jacket" manufactured by the Paramount Garment Company, Chicago, Il. It's copyrighted by Rockhill Productions so it's an officially licensed product, yet I found only almost nothing about it. 

I found almost nothing about the Paramount Garment Company. Only a single ad from an October 1953 newspaper for a different children's jacket made from a trademarked synthetic leather called Korside (see below).

I located only two photo references without any description; 1) pg. 144 in the space memorabilia book "Blast-Off", and 2) as part of the Ohio State Cartoon Library and Museum collection along with a partial section of the box cover. 

This example is in unworn mint condition without any sign of deterioration or damage. And it has it's original color illustrated box. It's interesting to point out that neither Hake's nor Heritage Auctions have ever seen, or sold this item. 

The jacket is dark purple (maroon) and has a satin-like sheen. Most likely it's a synthetic material designed to look like satin. The entire jacket including the arms are lined with a soft beige fleecy cloth possibly cotton. The zipper is brass finished metal. There are a total of 26 brass finished, flower style, metal studs on the sleeves, pockets, and collar. It has its original manufacturer's label sewn onto the inside lining. It's a child size 6. 

It has two sewn-on yellow and red patches; a wing-like Tom Corbett Space Cadet emblem on the front left and a diamond shaped "Inter Planet Command" emblem on the left sleeve. Both are sewn on patches; not printed or painted. A patch very similar to the breast emblem was included as part of the 1951 membership kit. However it did not have the Tom Corbett name above the rocket.

The backside is mesmerizing! It features a full color print of Tom Corbett's spaceship Polaris in center surrounded by three more rocket-type ships and a fleet of flying saucers. A large multicolored image of the moon appears in the lower center. Surrounding the ships are red, white, and yellow rockets blasts. A shooting star and the planet Saturn can be seen just behind the neck. I'm not sure exactly how these illustrations were applied. Probably printed on using some kind of fabric paint, but the important thing to note is that 100% of the graphics remain in place. Just some waviness in the material. No cracks and no wear on anything. 

Also included is a 1950's vinyl space belt with chrome plated metal buckles. Although it's probably not a Tom Corbett piece it was inside the box along with the jacket when originally found so both are being offered together. Except for the size (24) the 27" long vinyl belt is unmarked. It's 1" wide. It features over 15 black and white illustrations of bubble helmeted astronauts, torpedo shaped rockets, and other 1950's era images. The buckle, clasp, and tip are chrome plated pressed metal. The belt itself, although slightly yellowed with age is in nearly perfect condition.

The large red, blue, and yellow box includes both its original top and bottom sections. It's complete except for two small sections on the right apron. The left half of the cover features a large color illustration of Tom Corbett and his buddies standing in their classic "hands on belt" position. The right half includes the Space Cadet logo, product and company name. A portrait of Tom inside a circle adjacent to the product name was printed on the front and back aprons. The partial right apron still has, thankfully, its essential factory stamped information; namely the style number 711 which corresponds to the number printed on the jacket label, as well as the correctly corresponding maroon color. 

Size: Laid flat w/arms as shown in 1st photo 25" x 17". Box 15" x 11½" x 2"

Sold: Mar. 2014

Price Sold: $ 910


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