1968 Nomura, "Planet-Y Space Station" in Original Box

1968 Nomura,

Unusual battery operated tin litho "Planet-Y Space Station" by Nomura. Beautiful near mint condition with all functions working. Comes with scarce original box and original insert.

Designed with a round tubular ring-like structure surrounding a central hub it sort of resembles a car steering wheel with a raised horn in the center. Its all tin litho with a small plastic astronaut in the center under a clear plastic dome. Has both of its original spring-like coiled antennae just to the rear of the dome. 

Five red lights partially surrounding the dome flash on and off in sequence while the entire raised hub area (with astronaut) rotates. A strip of red and blue lights also flash on the sides of the hub at the same time. 

Simultaneously the tubular perimeter section turns clockwise, or counter-clockwise with random stop and go movement. This allows the tubular ring to spin one way while the center hub spin another. And on top of all this it makes a loud whirring sound as it moves!

The two D-cell batteries are placed in separate battery compartments on the underside of the saucer. This distribution of battery weight helps stabilize the toy as it rotates. The Nomura TN trademark is also lithoed on the underside of the toy. 

There are two versions of this toy. One has a red central hub (like this example), while another has a light blue hub. 

The colorful box shows the space station hovering far above a lunar surface. It's a great illustration, but unfortunately it doesn't accurately depict the actual toy. Instructions for battery placement and a schematic showing its operation were printed on the side aprons. 

Size: 9" diameter. 

Sold: Mar. 2014

Price Sold: $ 324


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