1933 Marx, Electric Lighted Lincoln Highway Set in Original Box

1933 Marx, Electric Lighted Lincoln Highway Set in Original Box

Although this "Lincoln Highway" is documented in Greenberg's Guide to Marx Toys, Vol. II, it's only the second high grade boxed example I've ever seen in any condition. The last was 9 years ago!

It's accurately described in Greenberg's book, however they did not have an example for photographic reference. Everything is original (tin, glass, wire, and even paper) is all original. 

The set includes a large lithographed tinplate filling station consisting of two gas pumps (Motor and Ethyl), a posted "IN" sign, a posted "OUT" sign, and an embossed oil-grease cabinet with swinging door all mounted onto a crescent shaped island. The white opaque "GAS" globes are electrically wired underneath the island and connect to the battery which is hidden inside the grease rack. Both GAS globes, the pump tubing, pump handles, and electrical wiring are all original. Both pumps do work, however the globes do not. The globes can be replaced, but I wanted to make sure the originals stayed with the set. 

It has an 8" lithographed tinplate coupe with battery powered headlights. The lights are the original flat style lamps and both work beautifully with all original wiring. It has a windup spring motor with attached key, a battery holder underneath the hood, headlamp lever, and spoke tin litho wheels. The position of the front axle can be moved into three different slots so it'll move straight, right, or left. A small wire clip holds the axle in place. This car was also sold separately by Marx without the pumps. There are also two other lithographed versions of it. A small hole in the right rear bumper accommodates the gas pump handle during "filling". When sold separately the car was called the "Speeding Coupe, Electrically Lighted".

Also included is a 7" tall, 4-way traffic light with lever controlled red and green lights. Actually the colors are changed by switching the position of colored strips of papers inside the top housing. A light bulb inside the housing allows the beam to penetrate the paper. Metal strips prevent the opposite color from showing. It's wired through the stalk to the base where the battery is clamped inside. It works fantastically using the original bulb, wiring, and paper strips. It's archaic, but it does work! It's the only piece in the set which does not have the Marx logo, which makes it's unidentifiable without having the box.

The two piece box is a simple text printed style with folding cover. It's missing the original separators and insert. The set originally sold for 98¢ and that included three batteries!

Size: Gas island 9½" x 3" x 6½". Traffic light 7". Coupe 8". Box 12½" x 9¼" x 4".

Sold: May 2014

Price Sold: $ 1100


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