1963 Yonezawa, Remote Control "Moon Explorer" in Original Box

1963 Yonezawa, Remote Control

Yonezawa's battery operated remote control "Moon Explorer". Despite it looking like a walking beer can it's a fascinating toy to watch in action. Even when it's not moving it looks great. It works great and comes complete with its original box.

The toy is primarily tin litho with two transparent plastic bubble halves on either end. The legs are metal with "accordion" black vinyl "knickers" and orange foot pads.

It's controlled using its original 2-button blue, tethered, plastic space ship. One button controls forward movement, radar dish rotation, whirring sound, and flashing rear engine lights. The other button lowers the left hatch door. Continue holding this button and a tethered, silver plastic astronaut with camera emerges from the hatchway. He stays outside the vehicle for a second then retracts back into the space craft and the hatch closes.

The box features a full panel color illustration of the Moon Explorer in action. All actions are printed on several panels along with the manufacturer's and U.S. importer trademarks. 

Size: 8¼" long x 8" tall x 4" wide. Controller 8".

Sold: Oct. 2014

Price Sold: $ 810


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