1952-53 Yonezawa, Open Style "Champion's Racer 98"

1952-53 Yonezawa, Open Style

Beautiful example of the popular and much sought-after friction tin litho open style "Champion's Racer 98" manufactured by Yonezawa. Huge 18" long toy, accurately designed, and complete. Grades excellent. Tough to find this nice. Comes with a precisely fitting removable aluminum display stand to avoid tire fatigue and scuffing. 

Most likely if you're reading this description you're probably familiar with this car and, despite its rarity, have seen it several times. It doesn't require a lengthy description; it's complete, with all original parts and paint.* 

*I inspected it under black light and found one small touch-up; it's an isolated ¾" narrow patch, located on the cowl behind the driver. It's only on the rear center dividing metal strip (Check out the 4th photo down, just to the left and slightly above the number 98). Look for the small scuffs on the metal strip. Again, it's only on the divider, not the body of the car itself. Everything else is original.

Size: 18" (although I've seen it frequently noted as 19" long???). 

Sold: Sep. 2014

Price Sold: $ 2247


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