1950 Marx, Fire Chief Car w/Flashing Light & Siren in Original Box

1950 Marx, Fire Chief Car w/Flashing Light & Siren in Original Box

Here's an awesome example of Marx's post-war "Fire Chief Car with Flashing Light". It comes complete with its original Marx key AND its original Marx box. Everything works too!  The condition is fantastic easily grading excellent+ to near mint. The box is complete and all original. It grades excellent.

The toy is all tin litho including the roof and windows. The body is primarily "fire engine red" with a widening white strip on the front hood. A wide pale yellow/white and gray stripe goes all the way around the base of the car. Passengers were lithoed in all the windows. The body is also highlighted with lots of colorful graphics including yellow scrollwork, text, and Fire Dept. emblems. The front radiator-headlight-bumper assembly is a single chrome plated part. The chassis is white. 

The two front narrow tires are wood. The right rear tire is also wood, but is much wider than the other two. Only the left rear tire causes the car to move. It's solid black rubber and is directly connected to the motor.

It uses a single D-cell battery to power the flashing red emergency roof light (original) and siren. It runs using a spring powered clockwork motor which winds-up wound using its original key. The key is seldom found with the car. The switch protruding from the left rear windshield turns everything on (down position) or off (up). The light and siren will only work when the car is moving. Again, everything works great.

It has some really neat graphics on the box. It's printed in a dramatic contrast of red and black on a white background. A # perspective view of the car is shown on the top and back main panels. A smaller side view was printed on the front and rear. Text covers most of the remaining areas....and there's lots of it!

Size: 11"

Sold: Oct. 2014

Price Sold: $ 415


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