c.1950 Cameo, Red "Felix the Cat" Wooden Figure

c.1950 Cameo, Red

Scarce red version of wooden jointed "Felix the Cat" figure/doll manufactured by Cameo. Made of brightly colored wood with thick vinyl head. I couldn't find any reference to a Red Felix although I do recall seeing one of these at a toy auction many years ago. 

Felix can be posed in many positions and stands upright using his tail as a "third leg" for balance. Legs are jointed at the knees, ankles, and hips. Arms at the elbows and shoulders and the head can be turned (although I never tried it). The tail is made up of 10 segments which allows it to be configured in many positions. 

The figure is held together with elastic string. The ends of the hands, feet and tail are tied off using a brass finished metal fixture embossed "Cameo". 

The head is heavy thick vinyl. The back of the neck is embossed "Felix" and "K.F.S." (King Features Syndicate). It has most of its original copyrighted red Felix decal on its upper-center chest.

Size: 9" tall. 

Sold: Oct. 2011

Price Sold: $ 183


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