c.1947 Marx Mechanical (Boat Tail) Speed Racer #3 in Original Box

c.1947 Marx Mechanical (Boat Tail) Speed Racer #3 in Original Box

Superb example of the scarce version of Marx' Mechanical (Boat Tail) Speed Racer #3 in which white lithography was substituted for yellow which is more typically found. (Both are still difficult to find in high grade). Despite a single unobtrusive scratch on the front-right radiator I felt that it still grades near mint grade, although with a minus. In addition in comes with it's seldom seen original box.

Marx produced many versions of this car beginning in the early 1930's. Different driver's, lithography, and wheel designs were used. Presumably this saved the company a lot of money. This is why a toy produced after WWII still has a boat-tail design from the 1930's. The wheel molds were also used in several of Marx' eccentric cars like Dagwood the Driver, Jumpin' Jeep, and Sheriff Sam Whoopee Car to name a few. The driver was used with Marx's Jumpin' Jeep, Superman Turnover Airplane, and Giant King Racer as well as several other toys. 

This #3 Racer features 12 embossed, outlined exhaust pipes, a checkerboard lithoed radiator, 2½" embossed, full dimensional wheels (not just one sided disks), and a huge 13" body. It's powered by a strong wind-clockwork motor with attached key that works great! 

The box is a simple all-text design with the toy and manufacturer's name printed in dark blue ink on most of the panels.

Size: 13".

Sold: Dec. 2014

Price Sold: $ 744


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