1953 Markes & Co., Auto-Dux Studebaker & Mercedes Set in Original Box

1953 Markes & Co., Auto-Dux Studebaker & Mercedes Set in Original Box

Extraordinary Auto-Dux, Studebaker Commander 2dr. hard top and Mercedes Gullwing 300SL Racer boxed set No. 63S. Contents grade near mint. Packaging grades good+. Complete right down to the original paper license!  By far it's the best example I've seen. Marked "Made in Germany#. Very scarce to find complete and in any condition! 

Includes everything needed to build a working clockwork wind-up vehicle capable of moving forward or reverse; turns right, left, or straight. I inventoried the set including the Parts bag and nothing is missing. Everything is still strapped to the original backing card with the original elastic band. Nothing has been replaced. All four tires are secured using their original steel cotter pins and disk hubs. Set includes the following:

  • 2 - 5¼" accurately rendered metal (pressed steel/tinplate) car bodies (Studebaker and Mercedes), enameled, and fitted with chrome plated details (bumpers, headlights, etc.,). Each has all its original celluloid windows (used for all window openings, not just the windshield). Both bodies grade near mint without a single scratch, scuff, or spot of wear. The Studebaker has one single tiny flake just in front of the driver's side door. The Mercedes has only a small spot of faint crazing and a teeny speck on the front hood, as well as shrinkage at the center top edge on the front windshield.The three #21 decals on the Mercedes are 100% complete with only age yellowing of the clear back ground.
  • 1 - Clockwork motor assembly - pressed steel housing, all metal components, tested and works great! No rust.
  • 4 - Rubber tires - tires are unused. The metal disks and cotter pins used to secure the tires to the backing card do have some surface rust, but they're not used for the car assembly. They're part of the packaging.
  • 2 - Steel open end wrenches stamped "DUX" - look to be in mint condition.
  • 1 - Looped end slotted screwdriver - looks to be in mint condition.
  • 1 - Pressed steel die cut chassis with original metal rivets. Stamped "DUX". The interior side edges are either worn or discolored, or both. No rust. Faint incomplete circle of old factory grease around the front metal tab. It also has a couple light surface scratches. This is the only part in the entire set to indicate that it was possibly used. I couldn't find anything which was worn that would correspond with the appearance of the interior edges, but then again to avoid damaging the elastic I  didn't want to remove the bodies.
  • 1 - Front plate axle holder; no rust, no scratches, etc.,
  • 1 - Original nickel plated cast iron key
  • 1 - Parts bag with correct number of axles, screws, nuts, and tire hubs
  • 1 - License (paper) unused
  • 1 - Studebaker assembly instructions
  • 1 - Mercedes assembly instructions
  • Paper and Packaging - (12" x 8" x 2") - 

Sold: Jan. 2015

Price Sold: $ 393


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