c.1961 Marx The Great Son Of Garloo In Original Box

c.1961 Marx The Great Son Of Garloo In Original Box

Outstanding example of this classic clockwork monster toy by Marx. Near mint+ and works great! Comes with original plastic necklace medallion with chain. Even better, it comes complete with its original box!

As a mechanical toy it's a simple "one foot in front of another" walker. This mechanism was also used by Marx for their Frankenstein toy among others. As it walks forward the arms alternately raise and lower. The key is attached.

Garloo's Jr. is a combination of a hard plastic body and arms (probably polystyrene) with tin litho legs. Heavier amounts of paint were applied to the the face and loin cloth. Air-brushed paint applied to the head and torso makes it look more realistic.

The tin litho legs step uniformly one over the other moving it forward slowly, but surely. It has a small start/stop lever located in his back. Best of all the toy works great!

The box is very similar in design to the large battery operated Garloo. A pseudo-leopard skin design (resembling the loin cloth) was printed on every panel plus the two endflaps. The toy name, similar to the large Garloo, was printed on the front along with a port hole with Garloo looking through. The original Garloo had a circular punch out on the front of the box which would do the same thing. "Exciting, you are his master", and "The Untamed" were printed on the sides. The endflaps are all "leopard skin".

Size: 6"

Date Sold: Jul. 2009

Price Sold: $ 232


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