1937 Tootsietoy's Buck Rogers 25th Century Rocket Ships in Original Box

1937 Tootsietoy's Buck Rogers 25th Century Rocket Ships in Original Box

Here is one of the most beautifully boxed Tootsietoy's sets ever produced. It's certainly the scarcest. This is the "Buck Rogers 25th Century Rocket Ships" set. It is complete with all 4 ships, both die cast figures, and original spool of string. AND it comes with its remarkably rare original box, both (different) die cut inserts, and separate direction sheet.

Just as amazing is its condition; near mint+ to mint and apparently never played. In fact over the past 20 years I've only seen two other sets and it's better than either one. I've also never seen the figures, or the original directions sheet before.

The set is all painted die cast metal. The rockets which were primarily sold individually include the Flash Blast Attack Ship (robin's egg blue and gold), Battlecruiser (yellow and blue), U.S.N. Los Angeles zeppelin (silver), and Venus Duo-Destroyer (gold and lime green).

It also includes the figures of Buck Rogers (silver) and Wilma Deering (gold). Each is embossed with their name on the underside of the base. Tootsietoy's produced them exclusively for this set.

The original string is included still wound on its original cardboard spool. When I purchased the toy some of it was laying loose so I wound it back onto the spool.

The fabulous full color box features a large portrait of Buck in the center within a black and yellow futuristic looking diamond. His name is printed just above. Along the top edge in large block art deco lettering is the manufacturer's name. The four rocket ships are shown in perspective. Each was colored differently. The words "25th Century Rocket Ships" are printed across the bottom enclosed by "metal" rivet heads. The background shows several "moons" of different sizes.

*The front and rear box panels show small circular portraits of the 10 most popular characters from the original Buck Rogers comic strip all in full color. The two side panels repeat the toy name. The copyright date of 1937 and patent information were printed in tiny black text above the word "century".

It also has both of its original orange cardboard die cut inserts. These inserts were intentionally cut in two different patterns. When the two are stacked on top of one another they create open spaces and cross-overs which hold the pieces securely in place. No tape was necessary.

To my knowledge the separate 5" x 3"  direction sheet was unique to this set. An abbreviated version was printed on the side of the box when the rockets were sold individually.

It appears that the toy was originally given as a Christmas gift. A 1930's style Christmas sticker was placed on the cover and a second on the insert. This takes nothing away from the piece, but on the contrary confirms its originality. In other words you know that it was intended as a gift to be played with, but for some unknown reason never was.

*Front box panel from left to right; Mekkano Man, Depth Man, Wilma Deering, Tieko Man, and Killer Kane. Rear panel from left to right; Tiger Man, Black Barney, Dr. Huer, Ardala, and Asterite Man.

Size: Box 11½" x 8" x 1½". Ships vary from 4½" to 5". Figures 2".

Sold: Sep. 2015

Price Sold: $ 2650


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