1938 Marx, No. 2150 Hollywood Bungalow in Original Box

1938 Marx, No. 2150 Hollywood Bungalow in Original Box

This is the all tin litho and pressed steel electric Hollywood Bungalow by Marx. It was produced for only one year and sold through the 1938 Sears-Roebuck Christmas catalog (see below). Even incomplete, the toy itself is very difficult to find.  However, this example has its complete set of original Tootsietoy furniture plus original Marx automobile. It has its original box and original furniture accessory box I've seen. I've never seen either one before.

It's the first and only complete set I've seen in person, published, or on the Internet. The page from the Sears-Catalog below shows that all the furniture and automobile are all correct for this toy. It was intended for use either as a train accessory or stand alone playset.

Overall, it's in extraordinary near mint condition and appears to have never been played with!

It was built on Marx' standard 17" x 11" platform. This base was used for many of their early train accessories, service stations, and public buildings. Of course the base lithography is specific for the bungalow. It holds a 4 room house with removable sliding roof, exterior window awnings, and a covered arched doorway. It also has a separate garage with matching  roof. The roofs were all lithoed in a matching overlay colored tile which, at the time, was almost exclusively used in the Hollywood, California area.

The house is electrified with two bulbs and wiring running underneath the platform to two terminals on the rear base. Each window is covered with its original transparent red celluloid sheet. I hooked up a 1939 Marx transformer and both bulbs worked great producing a "homey" warm red glow (see below). A standard 1.5V battery will also work using lower amperage bulbs.

As confirmed in the 1938 Sears Christmas catalog (see below) also included is the complete, correct suite of 14 die cast metal "Midget Toosietoy" furniture pieces. This includes 3 armchairs, 2 lamps, 2 tables, a two piece sofa, an easy chair, 2 beds, a piano, highboy chest of drawers, and a vanity.

The "midget" scale is about ½ the size of their standard furniture. Although "midget" vehicles are abundant, "midget" furniture was produced in limited numbers and only in boxed sets. In addition, two of the armchairs and two lamps were painted metallic gold. My research indicated that these gold items were made specially for the Marx Bungalow and are very difficult to find. Only the armchairs, tables, and easy chair are marked with a large capital letter "T" with large wings on it. The remaining pieces are all marked "Tootsietoy". The original furniture accessory box marked "Furniture for Bungalow" is also present. It too is the first box of its type I've seen.

And last but not least there's a 4" long pressed steel Marx streamlined Chrysler sedan. It's painted all red, has a polished front bumper assembly and black wooden wheels. The Marx trademark was embossed into the rear trunk. Although this car turns up occasionally in well used condition, in high grade (near mint as this one is), it's almost non-existent.

The pre-war style box has a combination hinged lid and bottom section along with a separate band. The band is a replacement. The box section is original. It's printed with a huge Marx blue logo. In the center above the "X" is One Hollywood Bungalow". Beneath that is printed "Complete with Furniture. The small 2½" x 2¼"  x 1½" accessory box is printed with "Furniture for Bungalow" on one side only. It seals with a tuck in flap on each end and is complete.

The entire set originally cost 98¢.

Size: 17" x 11" x 4½". Box is slightly larger. Car 4". Furniture approx. 1" - 1½" tall. Weight approx. 2½ lbs. 

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