1968 Yonezawa, Mechanical Atomic Robot in Original Box

1968 Yonezawa, Mechanical Atomic Robot in Original Box

An oddity of the robot collecting field, and also one of the most popular with collector's is this Mechanical Atomic Robot by Yonezawa. It's in amazing near mint condition and comes complete with its original box. The box grades VG. Works great!

Atomic Robot is divided into two halves; an upper and lower. Both are tin litho except for the chrome plated helmet horn/light which is plastic (and frequently missing). The arms are plastic. He has a metal cannon attached to each shoulder and a slot in the front chest that has no function. The rear right leg includes the manufacturer's trademark.

The robot moves forward using metal pins placed opposite to one another on the underside of the feet. One faces forward and the other towards the rear. These pins move alternately forward and back which moves it forward and gives it a waddling motion. It also makes a constant clicking sound.

As he moves the upper half of his body turns about 90º. Then it swings back back in the opposite direction 180º. It continues this right and left partial rotation as it walks. In addition the upper half is also raising and lowering its height. A lithographed skull appearing through the die cut mouth and eyes appear to change expressions as head turns from side to side. And lastly, centrifugal force causes the arms to raise up slightly.

The box was illustrated from a low perspective upwards which makes it appear ominous. Individual legs are shown, but the actual toy is a single lower section. Toy name, mfg, trademark, and simple schematic instructions were printed on the side panels.

Size: 6½". 

Sold: Dec. 2015

Price Sold: $ 390


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