1996 Backyard Buckaroos; Collecting Western Toy Guns

1996 Backyard Buckaroos; Collecting Western Toy Guns

Long out of print, Jim Schleyer's "Backyard Buckaroos; Collecting Western Toy Guns" is recognized as one of the most invaluable references for toy cap gun enthusiasts. Totaling 454 pages this is an original 1st edition (only edition) book in pristine, unused mint condition. The cover and pages have never even been opened. There's not a single handling mark on it.

There's several things that make this such a great book. First are the number of toys presented along with variations; and every one is photographed. Second is the ergonomic way it was organized. Sure it's alphabetical, but leading off are all character based guns. Then, starting over again from the letter "A" every non-character gun is shown. Relative values for each are provided. 

Additional references for rifles, holsters and many other accessories are presented. 24 pages of full color photographs were included, as well as collector basics, personal anecdotes, photos, and original toy gun advertisements. 

Size: 8" x 11" and 1" thick!

Sold: Oct. 2011

Price Sold: $ 32


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