1929 The Ted Toy-Lers Company, Teddy Walking Sailor

1929 The Ted Toy-Lers Company, Teddy Walking Sailor

Before I started researching this toy I had never even heard of the Ted Toy-Lers Company. I found nothing listed in any of my nearly 200 books and printed references. Thankfully, I found everything I needed from a single web site; Old Wood Toys.com.

The Ted Toys-Lers Company was located in the ex-whaling town of New Bedford, Massachusetts. The company produced many wooden toys for both domestic and international distribution. At the height of their production in 1926 they employed about 200 people and produced 5,000 toys per day. Amazingly the company "vanished" after only five years (1925-1930). This was before Fisher-Price was even established. Much additional information about the company and their toys can be found on the Ted Toy-Lers website oldwoodtoys.com.

As a result of their short existence Ted Toy-Lers toys are difficult to find. Especially in high grade. (As I mentioned I had never seen one before). Several years ago I attended an auction in Wisconsin. The contents of a dry goods store that had recently closed were being sold. This example of Teddy Walking Sailor was unsold store store; never purchased or played with. It's complete, works great, and in near mint condition.

The toy is all painted wood on a pressed steel base with wooden wheels. The arms consist of several strung beads, while the bell bottom legs are flat pressed wood It still has its original pull string with wooden bead. It has its original manufacturer label on the top side of the base.

The rear axle functions as a reciprocating cam shaft providing up and down movement to a vertically connected rod. The up and down motion of the rod causes the legs to swing forward and reverse in opposite directions, while the arms swing manually. This gives it appearance of "walking"..

Size: 9" (A giant 19" size was also produced). 

Sold: Jul. 2015

Price Sold: $ 295


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