c.1927 INGAP (Italy), Chauffeur Driven Open Touring Limousine

c.1927 INGAP (Italy), Chauffeur Driven Open Touring Limousine

Superb early four-seater Open Touring Limousine manufactured by INGAP, Italy. Pre-war automobiles in any condition from this company are rarely found, but here's proof that they exist. It's a chauffeur driven model with all the bells and whistles! Everything works. Excellent condition. I've never seen another. In fact I've not seen any other prewar INGAP auto.

It's all tin litho with clockwork motor, electric headlights and electric rear license plate light (all operable using a single brass finished on/off switch), original celluloid windshield that can be raised or lowered, a positionable front axle, original flat head lamps (not reproductions), brass finished radiator, and matching front and rear license plates.

The words "Italia" and "INGAP" were lithoed on either side of the front hood at the lower base. The INGAP trademark within a small oval was embossed on the front of the radiator above the grille.

The car also features the following; red pleated (embossed) seats, wrap around rear cowl, enclosed clockwork motor. all original wiring, and original battery holder. Only the rear license plate light has been replaced. It includes a key (not original, but old), and the correct European style battery.

Size: 12". 

Note: Early autos had windshields or windscreens that could be raised or lowered. This was not so much to protect the driver. Not at all! Instead it's exactly the opposite. Before windshield wipers came along anything striking the glass surface when it was down would've made it impossible for the driver to see. In a heavy down pour it would've been raised up allowing everything to strike the driver right in the face (who would most likely be wearing goggles). But at least the driver could see. 

Price Sold: $ 2350


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