1926 Kellerman 226/7, Monoplanes Circling Ship in Original Box

1926 Kellerman 226/7, Monoplanes Circling Ship in Original Box

Awesome example of an early German tin litho clockwork toy made by Kellerman in Nuremberg, Germany. It's called "Monoplanes Circling Ship" and grades outstanding excellent+ condition. Comes complete with its super rare original box (first I've seen) which is complete and in excellent condition as well.

Toy consists of a beautifully lithographed multi-deck ship with individual pilot-house and passenger section. You can even see the passengers in the windows. Portholes and guard rails were lithoed around the entire perimeter. It has a single smoke stack and a girder aerial tower. An E-shaped rotating support bar connects through the tower center, extending through all of the decks, and ia finally geared to the clockwork motor. A highy detailed, single low wing monoplane with pilot hangs down from each end of the support bar. The ship and both monoplanes were lithoed with the Kellerman trademark. Three versions of this toy were produced, of which this is the earliest.

It features multiple simultaneous actions; as the ship moves forward with an undulating "ocean-like" motion, the planes over head revolve counter-clockwise above the deck. It runs best on slightly roughened surfaces. I wound it up a couple turns just to make sure it works.....which it does.

The box has a rear hinged lid with a full panel three-color illustration on the cover. It depicts a very accurate representation of the toy surrounded by waves. The Kellerman trademark and catalog number were printed on the upper right cover corner. "Made in Germany was printed on the lower right cover corner. The front and rear panels were printed with identical illustrations showing the ship moving separately from the planes with a sailboat in the background. A single sailboat was also included on both side panels. The bottom is blank.

Size: Ship 9", Support Bar 7¼", Planes 3¼" fuselage with 2" wingspan. Overall height 4½". 

Sold: Nov. 2015

Price Sold: $ 2200


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