c.1950 Kuramochi Town To Town In Original Box

c.1950 Kuramochi Town To Town In Original Box

Tough to date this neat little tin litho clockwork Town to Town toy manufactured by Kuramochi, Japan since I've never seen it before. But the clockwork base I have seen before on other early post-war Japanese toys. So my dating is only estimated. It may possibly be older, but I'd rather be conservative and date it after WW2. Includes original paper and wood cube plus complete original box.

Simple, yet engrossing toy features a clown-boy standing at attention looking straight up. Above him, resting on the tip of his nose, is a large cube. The toy moves in a forward circle while the cub spins simultaneously. The cube can be removed.

Colors are just as intriguing as the toy itself with half (body and arm sleeve) being red with yellow dots, and the other yellow with red dots. The top of the and bottom of the costume are frilled in pink. The figure has embossed facial features making it look very realistic including his embossed ears and blue cap. A single large red dot on each cheek tops off the toy. The cube is fragile paper with an internal wooden skeleton and printed illustrations on every face. Made in Japan was also printed on the ballerina panel. The solid green base with attached key houses the clockwork mechanism. The two large rear wheels are painted tin. It also has a third polished tin wheel which is tilted to the right making the toy move in a continuous counter-clockwise circle. The toy is marked with the manufacturer's logo at the base of the figure's left heel.

The simple one color box is very flimsy made from narrow wall paper stock. An illustration of the clown (looking more clown-like) is shown on the front and rear panels. The toy name, plus copyright information and logo were also included. The box sides were printed with only the toy name with the word "to" laid vertically rather than horizontally. The endflaps show simply the face of a clown with cap. The box is complete with all six original endflaps.

Size: 6¼" tall.

Sold: Apr. 2008

Price Sold: $ 255


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