c.1935 GAMA, No.550 Graham Bakelite Clockwork Sedan

c.1935 GAMA, No.550 Graham Bakelite Clockwork Sedan

This is the Graham Clockwork Sedan made by GAMA. It's a superb near mint example, and despite its size, is one of the most difficult to find of all pre-war German made toy automobiles. It's marked GAMA and Germany D.R.G.M. on the underside.

This little car is excruciatingly scarce because the body is made entirely from Bakelite. Only the motor housing, wheels, front axle support, and front grille assembly were made of tinplate. As you can probably imagine not many complete intact examples have survived. But this example is the exception; it's in spectacular near mint condition, all original, and comes complete with its correct separate and original GAMA cast iron nickel plated key.

As you can see the body is incredibly well detailed since it was originally molded from Bakelite. It has a dark olive-green body with faint chocolate marbling, while the fenders are sort of a uniform chocolate color. The clockwork motor stem is located just in front of the left rear wheel. The front axle may be turned to move right, left, or straight ahead.

Size: 4¼"

Sold: Feb. 2016

Price Sold: $ 385


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