c.1963 Yone Jumpy Puppy In Original Box

c.1963 Yone Jumpy Puppy In Original Box

From Yone in Japan this is the segmented Jumpy Puppy. It's tin litho, clockwork, and works great.

The toy only vaguely resembles a dog. All brown with green and yellow checkerboard lithoed blanket and large rubber tail with a bulb at the end. The four elongated brown plastic feet and legs are located on the front and rear sections. The manufacturer's trademark was lithoed on the rear end.

The two rear sections are connected to the head with a metal ribbon. Plastic spacers keep the sections apart. The motor located inside the head provides the power. The key is attached. Wind 'er up and the head section makes a periodic up and down jump. This causes the back half to follow suit with a weak jump. It just keeps bouncing around in random directions until it winds down. Sort of looks like an inch worm.

Two panels of the colorful box show the segmented puppy against a blue background. One panel shows a fully connected dachshund (against a yellow background). The fourth panel is blank. Endflaps were printed with an illustration of the pup ready to pounce.

Size: 6"

Date Sold: Nov. 2009

Price Sold: $ 24


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