1935 Buck Rogers Ingraham Pocket Watch in Original Box

1935 Buck Rogers Ingraham Pocket Watch in Original Box

Magnificent Buck Rogers Pocketwatch manufactured by Ingraham Co, featuring full color image of Buck and Wilma on the face. Complete as sold in 1935 with rare original box, original cardboard insert, and original guarantee certificate. Works great and keeps accurate time.

The pocketwatch is steel encased and chrome plated. It winds easily using its original crown. Its still has its original bow (part which connects to fob chain) in place. The face illustrated by Dick Caulkins shows a profile of Buck with raised disintegrator pistol in his right hand. His left arm, around Wilma's waist, protects her from deadly monsters. Minute and hour hands are die cut metal lightning bolts with copper finish. It has a sweep second hand which is also copper finished. Made in U.S.A. is printed just above it. The crystal is also original.

The reverse side is engraved with the giant one-eyed Comet Man in stride wearing full battle regalia. Fast and slow adjustment lever is reached by lifting this panel. However, it was accurate to the second during the time that it took me to write this description. 

The rare full color box, also illustrated by Dick Caulkins, shows another side view of Buck and Wilma with 25th Century Rocket Ship in the background. Using a continuous black background the box aprons show additional Buck Rogers characters Dr. Huer, Killer Kane, Ardala, and Mongolian. It has its complete original box bottom with glossy red laminate exterior. 

Inside the box is the original metallic gold colored cardboard insert with printed black images of Buck, Wilma, disintegrator pistol with holster, and Rocket Ship. It also has its original double sided glossy guarantee. One side was printed with directions and guarantee. The other side has an illustration of the Ingraham Co., Bristol, CT.

Note: A reproduction of this watch was produced during the 1980's or 90's. To differentiate old from new, the new version is blank on the reverse (no engraving of Comet Man).

Size: Watch 2" diameter, Box 2-5/8" x 3" x 5/8".

Sold: Nov. 2000

Price Sold: $ 2200


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