1967 Topper Toys, Johnny Astro In Original Box

1967 Topper Toys, Johnny Astro In Original Box

Classic battery operated "space age" toy "As seen on TV" so it must be good! Johnny Astro (Really Flies) produced by Topper Toys, Elizabeth, NJ. Fantastic toy looks like it was barely played with comes in its original box.

Central to the toy is a 16" x 12" plastic "Control Station" with "Fan Head Assembly". On one end is the "Capsule Launching Station". Fan speed and direction are controlled by the Station's lever and hand grip. Space Vehicles (balloons) are blown up with a temple guide, then connected to separate vinyl Under Carriages, followed by attaching a single Astronaut Capsule. In other words the objective is to guide and land your manned balloon onto the target Launching Station (which is a cardboard platform) using the electric fan.

The toy includes the entire Johnny Astro Control Station with Orbital Velocity Indicators (these is the directional hand grip and speed lever, wired Fan Head Assembly with fan blade, red, white, and blue cardboard Launching Station, Spacecraft Template (to insure the correct balloon size), one of its three original Spacecraft balloons marked Mars 2 in original bag, two new unmarked replacement Spacecraft balloons of the same size as the originals, the single Astronaut capsule is missing but it's replaced by three green vinyl plastic Army war guys, one of its two original Under Carriages in original bag, complete original instruction assembly sheet, and the full color photo box with hinged lid.

Best of all it works great using all original wiring and contacts!

Size: Box 17" x 15" x 7". Fan 7" diameter.

Date Sold: Mar. 2011

Price Sold: $ 66


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