c.1928 Clockwork Girl Riding Tricycle

c.1928 Clockwork Girl Riding Tricycle

Very early and unusually large all-celluloid Girl Riding Tricycle manufactured in Japan by unknown company. Pre-Depression wind-up clockwork toy is marked only with a large five pointed star on one of the inside wheels.

Unlike most clockwork celluloid toys only the earliest had no metal pieces except for the rear axle, motor and key. Individual parts were not blow-molded, but produced by an earlier and infrequently used sheet molded method. Sheets of colored celluloid were produced and then formed into the specific shape by heating or vacuum. Seams were nearly always created.

In some cases, such as the hat, the entire part couldn't be manufacted as a single piece. To construct the hat a flat disc (top) was glued to a cylinder. Paint was used to touch-up around the seam. A tube of celluloid was then used to form the brim. Mass produced appliques like the face and hair were applied to the inside of the sheet prior to shaping. Only the bowtie has exterior hand paint. Flat sheets were used to make the dress and underside of the toy

The toy itself was constructed upon a simple "stick and ball" architecture using an art deco design. Seamless tubes were used to create the handlebars, bicycyle fork and front axles. The front wheel was fitted off center onto the axle to give it and up and down motion. This wheel is turned to the right which makes the toy run in wide circles.

Size: 6½" tall, 7" long, 6" wide.

Date Sold: Oct. 2009

Price Sold: $ 132


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