1961 Linemar Mechanical Prehistoric Animal Allosaurus In Original Box

1961 Linemar Mechanical Prehistoric Animal Allosaurus In Original Box

Linemar produced their Mechanical Prehistoric Animal in at least three different versions including Dino from The Flintstones. However, although all are scarce this version in spotted "scales" of orange, brown, pale yellow, and ocher has always been the most difficult to find. It's also the most detailed and realistic. It's in amazing near mint+ to mint condition, works great, and comes complete with its rare original box.

The toy is all embossed tin litho. It has an internal clockwork motor and winds with an attached key. It has a stop and go lever on the right side of its back. As it moves forward it also lumbers slowly side to side. At the same time the mouth opens and closes while making a loud gear-grinding sound. The underside of the belly was lithoed with the Linemar name and trademark.

The beautiful box features a realistic image of the Prehistoric Animal on the cover. Actually it's a detailed painting of a T. Rex. Line with line drawings of smoldering volcanoes sketched in the background.

Then I looked at the image of the Prehistoric Animal that were printed on the front and rear cover aprons. These were a different dinosaur; the allosaurus. The drawing is superb with quality rarely seen on a toy box. After considering it for a while I thought I recognized the original artist as Charles R. Knight. Mr. Knight was the preeminent artist of early dinosaur images. His paintings were used in books and museums for many years. After some on-line searching I found the original image of a pouncing Allosaurus painted by Mr. Knight around the turn of he century. As you can see the drawing on the side of the toy box and Mr. Knight's painting are identical (see below). The image of the stegosaurus in the background was another Charles Knight painting. The allosaurus was superimposed on top of the stegosaurus. I doubt that Linemar (i.e, Marx) licensed the images. There's a good chance this may have contributed to the toys' early demise and subsequent scarcity. The side aprons were printed with only text and still has its original 47 cents sticker from Woolworth's. I'm sure if I searched long enough I could find the source of the T. Rex drawing.

Size: 8" long, 5½" tall.

Date Sold: Jul. 2009

Price Sold: $ 280


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