1934 Set Of 3 Buck Rogers Cocomalt Figures with Leaflet

1934 Set Of 3 Buck Rogers Cocomalt Figures with Leaflet

This is a complete set of three, original, painted lead figures of Buck Rogers, Killer Kane, and Wilma. They were originally available only as a premium sponsored by Cocomalt. Not sure if they were packed with the product or mail-away's.

The set of three were given individually packaged in cellophane along with a 5" x 5-5/8" leaflet promoting the Buck Rogers radio program. The show was, of course, sponsored by Cocomalt.

Also shown is an original double sided leaflet which came packed with each figure. The front advertises Buck Rogers as the The Most Popular Radio Program. The reverse gives a brief history of Buck Rogers, a listing of radio broadcast stations (for the show), the address for purchasing a sample of Cocomalt, and a photo of a Cocomalt can. This is the first example of the leaflet I've seen.

Please Note: This set was available only through Cocomalt, however the three figures could also be produced "at home" using the Buck Rogers Caster Set. HOWEVER, it's easy to tell the difference. First, the Cocomalt set was "professionally" painted by machine. No kid could've painted them with such uniform color, detail, and finely defined color borders. In fact, the home made variety were often never painted. Secondly, the home made trio would often have bubbles, or areas which the molten metal didn't fill in properly. But the machine-made versions were perfectly casted. It's also helpful knowing the provenance. I know for sure that they came from the collection of Wayne Jagielski who was considered an "expert" on the subject.

Size: Buck 2½", Kane 2-5/8", Wilma 2-3/8".

Date Sold: Mar. 2011

Price Sold: $ 80


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