1964 Ben Cooper, Lily Munster Halloween Costume In Box

1964 Ben Cooper, Lily Munster Halloween Costume In Box

From the pre-eminent 1960s kid's Halloween costume company, Ben Cooper, comes this complete Lily Munster costume in its original cello window, color illustrated box. Girl's size small (4-6) it appears to have been used once, (I doubt twice), or not at all, and then stored.

Includes it original "virgin vinyl, sanitary, flameproof, and washable" plastic Lily mask with original gray rubber "band" and permanently attached black synthetic hair with gray streak running down the side. Features green, black, and yellow mascara, narrow black eyebrows, and cherry red lips. All of the original staples which held the hair to the mask are still in place, plus the two (larger) staples for the rubber band.

Also includes original separate, black synthetic hair wig. I guess this was supposed to cover up the back of the kids own hair. It has all of its original black gauze netting which held the whole thing together. The wig looks like it's there.

And last, but not least, it includes the original double sided dress with loosely hanging sleeves. Main part of the dress is azure blue with white, factory applied details. Sleeves are lemon yellow with matching blue trim. The neck of the dress is trimmed in matching lemon yellow and ties in the back. Applied details include rope knotted sash, flying bats, scalloped "lace" over the upper chest, a linked chain across the front of the neck with a large 8" wide bat hanging from it and "Lily Munster" printed just above it. The material is a combination of 90% rayon and 10% cotton which gives it a sheen depending on how it faces a light source. The dress is made from a combination of flat and glossy diamond shaped figures of this same material. It's hemmed around the back of the waist and the bottom edge was intentionally frayed to make it appear old.

The box is complete with both of its original top and bottom sections, as well as the complete cello window. As with all Ben Cooper costumes of the time (as memory serves me) the box was printed with a generic color combination of 1930?s style Batman and Superman, The Spectre (green guy with white face), and the fantasmagoric "cotton candy" of the early 1960s, Mary Poppins. The front apron was stamped with the correct corresponding (Lily Munster) costume). Witches, pirates, and other cartoon characters were printed on the side aprons. The rear apron includes Ben Cooper's Safety First committal statement. I especially enjoyed reading the line about the masks being "well ventilated". Yes, they were well ventilated, only your skin couldn't breathe.

Size: Mask; approx. 8" long with wig and hair slightly longer. Costume; 30" long. Box; 11" x 12½" x 3½".

Date Sold: Jun. 2009

Price Sold: $ 281


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