1939 Wyandotte No. 103 Red Coupe

1939 Wyandotte No. 103 Red Coupe

I purchased this early pressed steel No.103 Red Coupe from the estate of the original family. As you can see it was almost never played with grading excellent+ to near mint. But what's unusual about it are the three punched slots in the body. One on the front hood, one in the center of the roof, and the third across the trunk's spare tire. It runs on four white, wooden tires.

This particular Coupe was available from Wyandotte in several package configurations. It came as part of their "No. 501 Garage Set with Two Cars" and with their "No. 512 Service Station". Of course it was also sold by itself individually. In all three configurations it did not have the three slots I pointed out.

However, there was a fourth configuration as a promotional item. In this case it was used to promote Sophie Tucker's Radio Show sponsored by Roi-Tan Cigars. As a promotional tool it held a large double sided steel litho yellow sign above the roof. One side advertised Ms. Tuckers program, the other ; "Roi-Tan Cigars. An auto a day is given away". To hold the sign erect and keep the sign from separating from the Coupe it was necessary to punch three slots into the body (hood, roof, and trunk).

This example of the Coupe is that fourth configuration with slots, however there is no indication that it ever held a sign. It would be virtually impossible to pry one of these steel litho signs off without leaving some kind of tell-tale mark. This Coupe has no marks to indicate that it ever held one of those Sophie Tucker signs (and it hasn't been repainted). Most likely it never held the sign that it was intended for. It probably slipped under the radar and was sold as a standard Coupe; which makes it sort of an oddity. It's the only one like it I've seen.

Size: 4½"

Date Sold: Oct. 2009

Price Sold: $ 51


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